The Rockaways need our help

This video shows just how devastating Hurricane Sandy was to the Rockaways. Hearing a first hand account of what it was like just 2 days after the storm had passed is absolutely chilling. After being in NY the year before during Hurricane Irene … Continue reading

Pow Wow Hawaii 2012

Pow Wow Hawaii is such a cool event for artists to be a part of. Artists from around the world travel to participate in remaking a neighborhood through paint. Pow Wow just finished its 3rd gathering in the islands this year. The event founder, Jasper Wong originally conceived the idea in Hong Kong and the moved its location to his native Hawaiian island to promote creativity in the area.

I love that at the end of the week long event they have a black-out party where most of the works are painted over. They do this to promote the idea that art is in constant progress and nothing is ever finished or complete. You have to continue to do what you love and create more. Love that message!

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This past week I was able to see the Lumineers in person at such an amazing venue n Sacramento. House of Harlow is intimate, with a large outdoor area to hang in between shows.

One interesting thing about the show was the lead singer being adamant about no cell phone usage. Clearly I broke that rule to capture this secret video. Even still he brought up a good point. We are all so obsessed, me being one of the biggest culprits, with sharing every aspect of our lives that often times we are barely present for amazing moments we are witnessing. He asked everyone to be “in the now, and present” even calling out certain people in the audience throughout the show. It is something I think we can all strive to do, to be present. I just can’t quite do it yet…

I will definitely be back to House of Harlow for future shows, and if I can I will become a Lumineers groupie in the West Coast. They were absolutely amazing, and next time I will have to be even more covert to document the next show in secret!

{Lumineers + House of Harlow, Sacramento}