DIY Rustic Shelf: Building

Hi! It’s about time we went ahead and built the shelf we bought all of theĀ materialsĀ for in the last DIY: Shelf post from a couple of weeks ago. First thing to do is lay out some old pieces of cardboard … Continue reading

DIY Rustic Shelf: The Materials

Once you map out the area that you want the shelf to be installed you can start to get together your material list. The list shown here is for a shelf that is 4′ wide x 4.5′ tall and it … Continue reading

DIY Rustic Shelf: The Inspiration

Since recently setting up my in home studio, I have been searching for a good shelf to house all of my design books and trinkets. The ones I was interested in ranged from 200 (with not great style) to 600 … Continue reading

Painted Cork Board

This week I wanted to update some cork panels I found at target. I have seen people paint cork boards with quotes or chevron patterns but I have been feeling more geometric lately. I taped down a triangle pattern with … Continue reading