Maja Ruznic

I love her concept of art and that it “isn’t about beauty or things being pretty, but about honoring what is going on in your head”.  Seems so simple, yet to hear it out loud is so refreshing.   {images via In … Continue reading

Pow Wow Hawaii 2012

Pow Wow Hawaii is such a cool event for artists to be a part of. Artists from around the world travel to participate in remaking a neighborhood through paint. Pow Wow just finished its 3rd gathering in the islands this year. The event founder, Jasper Wong originally conceived the idea in Hong Kong and the moved its location to his native Hawaiian island to promote creativity in the area.

I love that at the end of the week long event they have a black-out party where most of the works are painted over. They do this to promote the idea that art is in constant progress and nothing is ever finished or complete. You have to continue to do what you love and create more. Love that message!

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Figure Drawings

I drew these my sophomore year of college. The assignment was to quickly drawn the figure in 30 seconds per pose. She wore different masks and costumes throughout the session. One thing I really learned form this is that nothing is or … Continue reading

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