Basecamp + Lake Tahoe

The very last night of our cross-country drive we stayed at ana amazing hotel in Lake Tahoe. Basecamp covered all of the bases (no pun intended) with regard to their branding and creating a community atmosphere within the hotel grounds. The logo and style was carried out from their large bear logo to the wall decor within every bathroom. The designers created such a modern, rustic, comfortable space that I really wished we could stay for more nights.

Every night they have their fire-pit burning with a great seating area around it for everyone to enjoy. If you want to cook some s’mores- don’t worry!- they have small (branded of course) s’more packets ready to go with all of the fixin’s you need. The hotel is located a short walk from the lake, and we were lucky enough to stop through on Labor Day. We got to catch an amazing firework show synced to music. I don’t think I could have planned a better end to our trip, and celebration of our new life together out on the West Coast. I hope to stay at Basecamp many more times in the next few years and I suggest you do the same!

Book your stay here!

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