DIY Rustic Shelf: Building

Hi! It’s about time we went ahead and built the shelf we bought all of the materials for in the last DIY: Shelf post from a couple of weeks ago. First thing to do is lay out some old pieces of cardboard to be able to stain the untreated wood without making a complete mess. Use a brush or sponge to lightly stain the wood, wiping the excess stain off of the wood after allowing it to dry. The longer you let it dry, the darker the stain will be. I let my stain dry for about 5 minutes before wiping the excess off.

Apply the stain evenly, and watch for extra drops or pooling.

The second step is to actually build the frame of the shelf. Each piece of piping is simply screwed together, no tools needed! You just might want to enlist the help of a big strong man to help secure the joints:) Another tip is to wipe the pipes clean before beginning to build it, they are pretty dirty. OR you could spray paint them to create a completely different look and feel- maybe a neon color pop!

And finally once the frame is built and the boards are dry you can place each wood board onto the different shelves. The final touch is to screw it into the wall at the top of the entire piece for stability.

Now that the piece is built it is just waiting for you to fill it with all of your favorite things! I’ll share how I glammed out my rustic shelf with design books, antique finds and personal touches in the final DIY Rustic Shelf post!

65 thoughts on “DIY Rustic Shelf: Building

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  3. Do you need the top flanges to secure to the wall?

    I want to make this but we are renting so cannot put any holes into the wall, is it fairly stable without the top flanges screwed into the wall?

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